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Content Writing and Design Examples

Artificial Intelligence Trailblazers

In business, science and technology, there are two distinct kinds of people. In the first group, you have people who gather useful knowledge as part of their work. But then hide it away like precious coins hidden in a safe inside a gated mansion. Knowledge hoarders,...

AI Trailblazers

With all the conversation swirling around the topic of artificial intelligence, how do people determine if AI is actually useful in their lives? People as in non-tech, regular folks. And not just useful, but potentially valuable for enhancing their educations and...

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Cybersecurity Articles

Barry Yuan of Cisco

In a business or personal relationship, you need a lot of trust between the two partners to make things work. To combat the rising tide of ransomware attacks worldwide, you need just the opposite. You need ‘Zero Trust.’ Just ask Barry Yuan, Security Technical...

Greg Bednarski of the NSA

Speaking at the January 2022 NSF-ISR Information Security Symposium, he talked about his agency’s increased efforts to engage private sector partners in efforts to protect against increasing cyber-attacks. “We want the American people to trust us. And in order to...

Annual Review


Annual publication for University of Arizona Venture Capital featuring twelve portfolio companies


The film story of Regulonix, a biomedical company on a quest to develop a non-opioid drug for severe, chronic pain.